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Transform Your Backyard Into a Boise Landscaping Oasis


Are you ready to take your backyard from mundane to magical? If you’re a Boise homeowner looking for a way to transform your outdoor space, Mr Chipp’s landscape installation services have the perfect solution. Our talented team of professionals can help bring your vision to life. Whether that includes installing sod for a lush green lawn or setting up an efficient sprinkling system. Or maybe you are interested in an elegant paver patio. In no time at all, you’ll be enjoying the Boise Landscaping oasis in your very own backyard.

Add Instant Curb-Appeal With a Professionally Installed Sod Lawn

If your lawn is looking dull and lifeless, a new sod lawn installation is a great way to instantly boost your landscape’s curb appeal. Instead of the weeks of growing and additional maintenance that comes with seeding a lawn, our professional Boise sod installation will help the grass grow better and faster while you enjoy your outdoor living space immediately. This is just one example of our exceptional landscaping services. With our help achieving the perfect backyard is easier than ever. In addition to sod installations, we also install sprinkler systems and paver patios for a complete package of beautiful outdoor living.

Get The Perfect Amount of Water For Your Yard With An Irrigation System

Looking for the perfect way to make sure your yard gets just the right amount of water? An irrigation system from a professional Boise Landscaping Company is an excellent option! With an irrigation system in Boise, you can keep your lawn hydrated with just the right amount of water. You won’t have to worry about wilted or dead patches, or having a drowned lawn. Installation of your irrigation system will be handled by our experienced professionals. Excellent Service and customer satisfaction our two of or core values.  Get the most out of life with a perfect irrigation system from Mr. Chipp, a Boise landscaping company.

Enjoy The Outdoors With a Beautiful Paver Patio

A paver patio makes for the perfect outdoor retreat, allowing homeowners to feel like they’re lounging in a luxurious resort. Whether you want to relax and cook out or entertain guests with drinks and conversation, a paver patio provides the ideal setting for family gatherings and quality time outside. At Mr Chipp, Boise landscaping company, experienced technicians can design and install your dream patio so that you can start enjoying your outdoor space immediately. With their years of experience in sod installation and sprinkler system installation, you can be confident that your paver patio will bring long-lasting beauty to your outdoor experience.

Create a Cozy Backyard Seating Area

Relax on your brand-new paver patio with a cozy backyard seating area. Having a cozy seating area is a great place to relax and escape the heat of a summer day with cozy outdoor furniture and cushions. Mr Chipp can help you create this retreat with their sod installation, sprinkler system installation, or paver patios. Whether you want an area for entertaining guests or a peaceful spot for relaxing after work, you’ll have plenty of options with outdoor furniture and cushions. With our help, you’ll create a beautiful backyard seating area that’s perfect for spending time outdoors with family and friends.

Enhance Your Boise Landscaping

Make your outdoor space come alive with the addition of decorative rocks, mulch, and plants. Mr Chipp’s landscaping company can give your yard a fresh new look with the installation of sod, sprinkler systems, and paver patios. These upgrades will help make it easier to maintain your garden and enhance its overall appearance. The addition of decorative rocks, mulch, and plants will add an extra level of beauty to any garden or lawn. They are a perfect way to bring a unique touch to your outdoor space. Plus, their natural elements will provide long-lasting benefits for all types of soil types and climate conditions. Whether you are looking for something to spruce up a small area or want to make major changes throughout your property, Mr Chipp has the solution for all of your needs.

Brighten Up Your Yard With Landscape Lighting

Mr Chipp knows that outdoor spaces often come to life with the addition of lighting. With our expertise in landscaping, we can ensure that your outdoor area is both functional and beautiful. From subtle rope lights outlining pathways and decks, to accentuating certain areas of the yard like trees, flowers beds, and gazebos.  Landscape lighting lets you enjoy your newly installed sod lawn, sprinkler system, or custom paver patio even when the sun goes down. Create a unique space you’ll be sure to enjoy day and night with help from Mr Chipp’s proficient team!

Contact Mr Chipp – Your Boise Landscaping Company

Whether you are in need of a new and improved lawn, water conservation with sprinklers, or adding an outdoor living space, Mr Chipp is the perfect choice to make it happen. From sod installation to beautiful paver patios our professionals can transform any home into an oasis.  With quality service and customer satisfaction as our priority, you can rest assure that your backyard dreamscape will be brought to life. We can’t wait to turn your dull yard into a beautiful Boise landscaping oasis. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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