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Sprinkler System Design, Installation

Boise Sprinkler System Installation

Stop Manually Watering Your Yard & Get a Brand New Sprinkler System Today!

Other Benefits Of a New Sprinkler System Include:

  • No more hand-watering your yard in the scorching heat!
  • Save money by not having to remember to turn off your water!
  • Take one more thing off your chore list!
  • Let us do the backbreaking work for you.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! If there is a coverage or installation issue we will make sure to make it right!

Boise Sprinkler System Installation

We take care of everything, from sprinkler design to the sprinkler installation process. Call or book your appointment here if you’re considering installing a sprinkler system on your property, and we’ll listen to your needs, help you choose the best system, and install it.

Looking To Save Money On A Brand New Sprinkler System?

A brand-new sprinkler system can be expensive and it’s not an investment that you might be willing to make. Because of this, we have provided a DIY guide that you can use as a reference to installing your own brand-new sprinkler system. It is important to remember that this is ONLY a guide, and we cannot take responsibility for any damages to the property that arise from a DIY project. Click on the link below to go to the DIY guide we have created.

Importance of Lawn Irrigation

The health of your lawn has a significant impact on the appearance of your home’s exterior. Installing an irrigation system is a great way to make your property look great while also saving money and time by reducing water waste. It’s also practical because it eliminates the need to spend time each week manually watering your grass. No more sweating in the hot sun during the summer, and no more worrying if the grass got enough water.

Watering your grass has never been easier or more efficient than with an in-ground sprinkler system. Sprinklers can be programmed to water the grass on a regular basis, eliminating the need to drag out the sprinkler every few days. A properly designed sprinkler system offers complete coverage, guaranteeing that no grassy areas are either under or over-watered to the point of drowning. In addition to making it easier to maintain a lush, green lawn, automatic sprinklers will save you money by preventing water waste.

Whether you have a large property or a smaller garden, an irrigation system will benefit it. Your new sprinklers will ensure that your lawn, trees, shrubs, and flowers, are strong and healthy throughout the year.
Sprinklers watering a lush green lawn with colorful flowers and palm trees in the background in Boise, Idaho.

Your Go-To Boise Landscaping Company

Mr. Chipp is your go-to landscaping company when it comes to sprinkler system installation or repair and irrigation. Serving the greater Boise area, we promise to deliver amazing results in a punctual and professional way. Whether you have a small repair that needs to be made or a complete system installed, you can call today to schedule a time to get this taken care of.

Boise Sprinkler System Design

It’s difficult to keep a balanced delivery of water to your lawn throughout the hot and dry summer season. That’s why you need an automated underground sprinkler system. You can set the days and times you would like your thirsty grass to get the water it needs and literally forget it. When it’s time to water, the sprinklers come out of the ground and spray water to the much-needed areas. When installed properly, the water goes on the lawn and not on the street thus conserving water and not annoying people walking by your yard.
Advanced sprinkler system installed by Boise Landscaping Company for water efficiency.
prinkler watering a green lawn beside a hedge in Boise, Idaho.

Boise Sprinkler Installation Services

Are you tired of your old system breaking down frequently or requiring more repair than you planned? Then consider installing a new sprinkler system from us. We only install premium sprinkler systems, so you know you’re getting a superior system. The sprinkler installation process often takes just one day and will help you in saving water and money as well as get the gorgeous lawn you’ve always really wanted. Your sprinkler system will be installed by the most competent people in town.

Everything we do is focused on delivering the best customer experience possible. Our job involves much more than simply installing lawn sprinklers. We always take the time to verify that we are installing the most appropriate sprinkler system for your needs and to educate you on how to run it with confidence.

Sprinkler Replacement Services

An irrigation system is essential for maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn. However, if any component of your sprinkler system is not working properly, it could result in serious problems ranging from flooding to underwatering. This could destroy your landscape!
But how can you determine whether a sprinkler system repair or replacement is required?

A Boise Sprinkler System Has Several Components

  • Timer controller system
  • Pipes and tubing valves
  • Sprinkler head
  • Backflow preventers

If any of these components are destroyed or damaged, the entire system could fail.
If your water bill spikes significantly, it could be because of efficiency problems with your system. The sudden spike in water usage is a red flag that something is broken with your system.

If your sprinklers require frequent repairs beyond annual maintenance or component replacements, it could be time to replace them. Uneven coverage of your lawn might indicate you need to replace your sprinkler system. If you see that some areas are dry while others are watered, you should think about replacing your system.

Get in touch with us and we will help you choose the best sprinkler system for your needs.

Boise Sprinkler System Repair

A defective sprinkler system will cause a significant amount of damage to your property and create additional costs. Your landscape can be damaged by a sprinkler that won’t turn off, and your plants can be overwatered, resulting in higher water bills and possibly damage. If you need sprinkler repairs, you can rely on our team of experts.
Whether it’s a leak, a broken sprinkler head, a controller issue, a dry patch, or even an electrical problem, our experts are prepared to identify the issue and take care of it quickly.

Call today:
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Close up of an irrigation system in a client's lawn in Boise Idaho
Small garden pond with rocks and plants by Idaho Landscaping Company Mr.Chipp

Sprinkler System Maintenance

A properly functioning irrigation system is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn and landscaping. In some situations, faulty sprinklers can create brown spots. A system that is improperly pressured can waste water and money, among other things. You might lose up to 25,000 Gallons of water with just one malfunctioning sprinkler head. And you’ll pay a huge price for it! Our maintenance process will give you peace of mind knowing that your sprinkler system is functioning properly. Contact us today!

Drip Systems

Flowerbeds and gardens require constant love and attention and drip irrigation systems allow you to water all of your flowers at once in a timely and efficient manner. Drip systems can be set on an automatic timer so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water your plants.

Drip systems are also great for fruit trees and bushes like raspberries and blackberries. Regardless of your property and irrigation needs, we are confident that drip irrigation will help you manage your water consumption.
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Underground Sprinkler Systems

Underground sprinkler systems carry water around your yard to all of the places it’s needed. Usually, pop-up sprinkler heads are used. These sprinkler heads will rise out of the ground when it’s time to water and disappear when they’re finished. This way your yard can be free and clear of any tripping hazards and ready for you and your family to enjoy.

If you have a very large area to water and aren’t worried about sprinklers showing even when they aren’t being used, you can opt for a turret-style sprinkler that will shoot water very far and up to a 360-degree radius. If you’re curious about your options for underground sprinklers, call and talk to Mr. Chipp today.
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Maribeth Yeates
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"Our yard has never looked better thanks to Mr. Chipp Landscaping. Jorge and Daisy lead this hardworking company with integrity and honesty. Our yard upgrade was completed on time and was done beautifully. Highly recommend this landscaping company."
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"From estimate to completion, we liked the great communication and timeliness. Daisy, Jorge and crew always showed up as scheduled and got the job done as planned. The sod and rock border they installed for us look great. They are knowledgeable about their profession and great at answering all our questions."
Caitlin Watters
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"Mr. Chipp landscaping services did a wonderful job laying sod in our back yard. It looks beautiful! They were very responsive to all of our questions and got the job done quickly. We will use them again when doing further landscaping projects! Highly recommend:)"
Ric Ingham
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"Jorge and his team were great to work with. He was prompt to come out and give an estimate, which he honored even though there was some job creep. They did a thorough and thoughtful job always being mindful of the long term health of the storm damaged tree. We would have Mr Chipp Tree & Landscaping Service out for any future tree problems."
Nancy DeWitt
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"We were very pleased with Daisy and Valentin's service, cheerful attitudes, and quality of work. We had them repair and install new sprinkler lines, replace sprinkler heads, and install a new irrigation line that involved boring a new pipe under our driveway. I would hire them again..."

Boise Sprinkler System Installation

A DIY Guide

Purchasing a new sprinkler system is a big investment that not everyone is ready to make. Sprinkler installation companies must charge premium prices in order to stay afloat in the industry and profit as a business. Installing a sprinkler system as a homeowner will always be the lower-cost option.

If you are interested in performing a sprinkler system installation in your home, we have provided a rough guide below that you can use as a reference to installing your own sprinkler system.
It is important to remember that this is only a guide, and we cannot take responsibility for any damages to the property that arise from a DIY project. It is also important to remember that this guide can be used for most residential properties using Irrigation or City water here in the Boise area, but there can be exceptions.
  1. Prior to any digging, ensure to call 811 or submit a request online. You can visit their website here. call811.com
  2. Once 811 has come out and marked the lines in your home, the next step is to test out your water supply and get GPM (Gallons per minute) and PSI (Pounds per square inch) measurements. A good tool to dynamically test out your system has been linked here. Toro Flow and Pressure Gauge Kit
  3. How many heads and zones will you need for your brand-new sprinkler system? That will depend on the measurements you get from step 2. For simplicity, use the following measurements and let’s assume these are the values you got:
    1. 10 GPM
    2. 50 PSI
    A good rule of thumb is to be conservative and calculate your GPMs at 75 % of your GPM measurement max capacity. This means that if you got 10 GPM from your test, then you have 7.5 GPM to work with.
  4. Visit a local Boise sprinkler supplier store like Pipeco and provide them with these figures. They will be able to tell you how many heads you can put on one zone, depending on the type of sprinkler nozzle you select for your yard. Make sure you have also measured the square and linear footage of your yard so that they can help you determine all the materials you will need for your project. They will also help you design your sprinkler system, provided you have the dimensions of where your new sprinkler system will go.
  1. If you are connecting your new sprinkler system to Irrigation water, then you can just turn off your irrigation valve, and then tap into it to connect your new sprinkler system. If you are connecting to City water, then you will need to find your water meter. Once you locate it, do the following:
  1. Turn off the water going to your house by closing the valve on your water meter.
  2. Dig a 3–5-foot hole until you find the line going into your home. Be very careful to cut the line going to your house and not the line going to your meter.
  3. You will now need to cut the line so you can insert a tee and tap into your water supply. In our experience, the type of pipe that you will most likely run into will be:
    1. Polyethylene pipe
    2. Brass pipe
    3. Other
  1. You have now tapped into your main water supply and installed your backflow preventer along with your main sprinkler line.
  2. Now that you have your sprinkler system design, and know where you will be running your lines, place a flag everywhere a sprinkler head will be installed.
  3. Trench your lines roughly 7-9 inches deep. If you don’t have a trencher, locations such as Tates Rents or Pro Rentals in Boise can provide you with one.
  1. You will need to decide where your manifold and valve box will be located. Once you decide this, you will run your main sprinkler line and connect it to your sprinkler manifold. A picture of what your valve box and manifold would look like is shown below.
  1. Ensure that you also run your sprinkler controller wire cable in this trench. Ultimately, you will decide where your sprinkler controller will go. The main thing to keep in mind is that you want to put it in a location where you have access to an electrical outlet. If you don’t have access to an electrical outlet, you can purchase a battery-powered controller as an alternative.
  2. Connect your sprinkler wire to your solenoids. A quick video on how to do this can be viewed by clicking here.
  1. After trenching your lines and connecting your main line to your manifold, connect your pipe to the valves from your valve box. We like to use poly pipes because of their flexibility but you can also use PVC pipes. The 1-inch pipe is more than enough for a residential sprinkler system. There are exceptions to this rule, and it is something that you can discuss with your sprinkler supplier if any additional questions arise.
  2. Once you have laid all your pipe, the next step is to connect your flex pipe to your 1-inch line. We have provided a link that shows the process of what this looks like. Watch The Video Here.
  3. Connect the other end of your funny pipe to your sprinkler heads and cover the trench you made.
  4. Finally, install all your sprinkler nozzles on your sprinkler heads. Ensure that the soil around your sprinkler heads is compacted so that they don’t move after the water turns on.
  5. Program your sprinkler controller. Instructions on this will vary and we recommend that you refer to the controllers’ user manual for step-by-step instructions on how to program it.
We hope this guide has served as a starting point in your attempt to install your brand-new sprinkler system. It is a lot of work, but it is rewarding, with the main benefit being that you will have saved thousands of dollars. If after reading this guide you decide that you would rather, we install the new sprinkler system for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would be more than happy to help you out with your sprinkler project and commit to doing a quality job. In addition to this, have the peace of mind in knowing that we warranty our work on all our new sprinkler systems.

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Contact us if you need a new sprinkler system installed, have issues with your current system, or want to ensure that your sprinkler system is running properly, and we will help you in achieving your goals.
Boise Sod Installation After

Sod Installation

It takes at least 18 months for a seeded grass to grow and you will have a bare yard in the process. Sod, on the other hand, provides an instant change in appearance and is fully developed just two weeks after installation.

The installation of sod can be completed in a few hours for yards that are of average size. You will go from a bare yard to having a lush, green lawn in just a few hours. Installation is possible at any time of the year if the ground is not frozen.

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Increase the health and beauty of your yard

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Increase the value of your property

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