Sprinkler Systems and Irrigation in Boise, Idaho

Mr. Chipp is your go-to landscaping business when it comes to sprinkler systems and irrigation. Serving the greater Boise area, we promise to deliver amazing results in a punctual and professional way. Whether you have a small repair that needs to be made or a complete system installed, you can call today to schedule a time to get this taken care of.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Design

#1) Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

It’s difficult to keep a balanced delivery of water to your lawn throughout the hot and dry summer season. That’s why you’re looking for an automated underground sprinkler system. You can set the days and times you would like your thirsty grass to get the water it needs and literally forget it. When it’s time to water, the sprinklers come out of the ground and spray water to the much needed areas. When installed properly, the water goes on the lawn and not on the street thus conserving water and not annoying people walking by your yard.

#2)Drip Systems

Flowerbeds and gardens require constant love and attention and drip irrigation systems allow you to water all of your flowers at once in a timely and efficient manner. Drip systems can be set on an automatic timer so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water your plants. Drip systems are also great for fruit trees and bushes like raspberries and blackberries.

Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance

#1) Valves and Pipes

Every so often someone runs over a sprinkler head and water comes shooting out of the ground. Other times they’re digging when they accidentally hit a pipe and need it repaired immediately. If you’re experiencing one of these moments, call Mr. Chipp right now!
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#2) Underground Sprinkler Systems

Underground sprinkler systems carry water around your yard to all of the places it’s needed. Usually, pop-up sprinkler heads are used. These sprinkler heads will rise out of the ground when it’s time to water and disappear when they’re finished. This way your yard can be free and clear of any tripping hazards and ready for you and your family to enjoy. If you have a very large area to water and aren’t worried about sprinklers showing even when they aren’t being used, you can opt for a turret style sprinkler that will shoot water very far and in up to a 360 degree radius. If you’re curious about your options for underground sprinklers, call and talk to Mr. Chipp today.

Sod Installation

Although more expensive than seeding or hydroseeding, Sod installation in Boise Idaho is one of the quickest ways to make your landscaping look beautiful again.

So what’s the process look like?


The very first thing you need to do is test your soil. Many companies fail to do so and in our opinion, this can be a big mistake. Soil testing is the best scientific method available to evaluate the health and nutritional status of your soil. You can do everything else right, but if your soil is unhealthy then your grass isn’t going to grow.

Boise Sod Installation After

What Our Customers Say

Hear the opinions of our highly-valued customers:

Maurio Leon GuerreroBoise, ID
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"I am an out of state property owner and Jorge and his team was able to accommodate my needs showing me before and after photos of the job. Great value and professionalism for a big job. Will use them again."
Donald B.Meridian, ID
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"We were impressed with Jorgeâ s dedication in doing what we needed. Great completed work and is returning to apply re-emergence at the end of October. Next Spring will put down new bark ground cover."
Linda B.Meridian, ID
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"We enjoyed working with Mr. Chip owner, Jorge Gonzalez! He is responsible and concerned with fulfilling our needs for Fall clean-up of our landscaping. He will return later in the Fall for re-emergent application."
A. NobleBoise, ID
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"Mr. Chipp did a fantastic job on my moms tree. It was right next to the house hitting the roof affecting the sides of the house. He cut down the tree making the curb appeal great. We will definitely be reaching out to Mr. Chipp for future services."
Robert GuerreroBoise, ID
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"Mr. Chip was great to work with. Timely and professional! He did a great job at grinding a stump and the roots that were coming up in our yard. I will definitely use him for future work!"
Kara Machado-HolcombBoise, ID
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"Jorge’s estimate was spot-on - no hidden charges - he was courteous, gave updates on his timing, and even had me walk outside before he was finished just in case he missed anything I needed done... "I love what he did with my yards."
Susan MackeyEagle, ID
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"Did an excellent job. Went out of his way to make sure I was happy. Will use him again."
James JeffreyBoise, ID
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"George was very informative and patient during the estimate process, and his quote was very reasonable. As far as the job of removing a large birch tree, and extensive trimming of a maple over-hanging my roof, I am very pleased."
Janice PaceBoise, ID
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"My husband and I are very pleased with the outcome and are going to use his services to do our backyard. If you're looking for a true professional landscaper with great customer service and satisfaction, this is the company you want to use!"
Janice PaceBoise, ID
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"My husband and I are very pleased with the outcome and are going to use his services to do our backyard. If you're looking for a true professional landscaper with great customer service and satisfaction, this is the company you want to use!"

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