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artificial turf in Boise

Landscape Design Ideas For Slopes and Hills

artificial turf in Boise

Boise’s diverse topography often lends itself to sloped properties, a unique characteristic that many homeowners in the area encounter. With picturesque landscapes and breathtaking views, these sloped properties provide both opportunities and challenges for landscaping and outdoor design, requiring innovative solutions to make the most of the natural terrain while ensuring stability and functionality. Designing your yard doesn’t have to be a headache when you have Mr. Chipp, the best Boise landscaping company, helping you out. In particular, slopes and hills can be difficult to work with, but we have compiled a list of landscape design ideas for slopes and hills.

Above, you will see a property we worked on that created functional space with their sloped yard by adding retaining walls and artificial turf.  First, it is important to note that designing with slopes and hills comes with its own set of challenges. As such, your design should take into account the unique topography of the location. The following landscape design ideas provide functionality, creativity, and aesthetically pleasing features for your slope or hill.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great solution for slopes and hills. They offer structural support for the slope, reduce erosion, and make an impressive statement in your yard. These walls can also double as a seating area for your outdoor events. You can decide on different materials for the retaining walls such as stone, brick, or concrete.

Terraced Garden Beds

Whether you are an avid gardener or looking for a low-maintenance garden, terraced garden beds are a great addition to your slope. The terracing provides structure and organization to your garden while reducing soil erosion. It also makes efficient use of water by allowing the water to flow down each level of the garden bed efficiently. You can plant different kinds of flowers or vegetables in each level if you like.


Hardscaping is the process of adding man-made structures to your outdoor space. Patios, paths, and stairways are great hardscaping features that work well with slopes and hills. The stone or concrete material used for hardscaping pairs well with the natural terrain of your slope and can help create a visually appealing contrast. A patio, for example, can be designed with a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen, creating the perfect space for backyard barbecuing and entertaining.

Water Features

Adding water features to your slope or hill is a great way to create a focal point in your yard. A water feature such as a small pond or waterfall can transform your outdoor space into a peaceful and tranquil environment. The sound of running water is also calming and relaxing. You can also add some aquatic plants like water lilies or fish to make it more of a natural feature.

Native Plants

Using native plants in your landscaping design is sustainable and beneficial to the environment. They require less maintenance, can thrive in the local climate, and can prevent soil erosion. Moreover, they can blend in harmoniously with the natural environment of your slope. Choosing plants that bloom at different times of the year can keep your yard looking vibrant throughout the year.

Garden Lighting

outdoor lighting

Lighting can add an ethereal and soothing ambiance to your outdoor space. You can install lights in various parts of your slope such as pathways, garden beds, retaining walls, and even trees. Or, for a more professional look, have Mr. Chipp install high quality, LED lights to your sloped terrain to create a beautiful ambiance as the sun goes down. The choice of lighting can also depend on the mood you’re going for or the design of the yard. For instance, soft yellow lights can give off a warm and cozy feel, whereas blue lights can create a more calming effect.

Tiered Steps

Tiered steps can provide accessibility to your sloping backyard while also adding a design element. You can choose the material used for your steps depending on the design and style you want. Some materials for steps include brick, concrete, or gravel. You can also choose to add lighting and plant life to your steps to create an attractive feature for your yard.

Follow these landscape design ideas for slopes and hills to truly transform your yard from boring and unusable to extraordinary and stunning.

Contact Mr. Chipp For Your Sloped Landscaping Needs

Navigating the inherent charm and challenges of sloped terrains is one area where Mr. Chipp excels. With our expertise in Boise landscaping, we have the experience and the skills to transform sloped properties into captivating outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend creativity and functionality. By harnessing the natural contours, Mr. Chipp’s team can design terraced gardens, captivating retaining walls, and cascading water features that not only enhance the aesthetics of the landscape but also mitigate erosion and soil runoff. Contact us today to start dreaming your ideal sloped yard.

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