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How Much Will My Sod Project Cost

How much will my sod project cost?

We frequently get asked the cost of a sod project. The truth is that this depends on a variety of factors, but we will do our best to give users an idea of what a sod project in the Boise area can cost.

Companies around the Boise area typically charge between 2 to 3 dollars per square foot of sod installed. The price can vary due to factors such as:

  • The quality of the sod that is installed.
  • The type of sod being installed (i.e. Kentucky Bluegrass vs Fescue).
  • Conditions of the soil where the sod will be installed.
    • Is the soil muddy, clay-like, or in perfect conditions?
    • Is there easy access for the machinery that will be used?
    • Are there steep hills that will make the project more labor intensive?
    • Is there a need for fence removal?
    • Will additional topsoil need to be mixed and added to the existing soil?

Mr. Chipp Landscaping & Tree Services evaluates all the factors above when quoting a sod project. The best way to get an accurate estimate on your next sod project is to contact us and we can schedule a Specialist to go out to your property, ask questions, take measurements and send you an official proposal and quote.

Below are our updated prices as of 1/1/2023:

  • Removal of existing sod- $.50-$1.00 cents a square foot. Includes removal and hauling everything away.
  • Sod & Prep- $1.89. This applies when installing Kentucky Bluegrass & using our supplier. This price can go up if installing a different type of grass or if using a different supplier. This also includes the following:

    • Prepping the existing soil for new sod application.
    • We use McKellip Sod, Cloverdale Nursery and The Turf Company since we feel that their product are of high quality and have had nothing but great results . 
  • $106 per yard of topsoil. We like using topsoil because it is rich in nutrients and provides good support for newly installed sod. Topsoil is not always required when installing new sod but we figured we would still mention it here.

What if I do the sod installation myself?

Doing the sod project yourself to save some money is always an option and can be done. Ensure that if you do the sod installation yourself, you still cover your bases. Follow the steps below and you will ensure maximum success and can have that beautiful lawn you’ve been dreaming of:

  • Buy high-quality supply from a local supplier here in Boise Idaho. We use McKellip Sod but they are not the only supplier that offers high-quality sod in the Boise area. You will know right away if the sod you are buying is of low or high quality.
  • Ensure that you sample your existing soil. $50 seems like a small price to pay to ensure that the soil conditions you will be laying your sod on are suitable enough for it to grow.
  • As always, we recommend that you use starter fertilizer as soon as you install your new sod. Note that a starter fertilizer is not recommended in the hot summer months since this can actually put stress on your grass and end up burning it. 
  • Top Soil is not always required so we will leave this step to your discretion and let you decide.

For information on how to install sod, click on the link below to follow the process we use to install sod for our customers:

Sod Installation

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